Kevin Russell

Born in England in the last century my love affair with photography started primarily as a means to record and document my travels, soon photography became a large part of the the reason I travelled.

As I spent more and more time behind a camera I found it to be both therapeutic and exciting. The time I spent planning and creating photographs grew as I hungered to learn more and more about the craft through books, magazines and tuition.

The more I explore the more I learn, the more I learn the more I want to explore - I doubt this will ever change. I have moved through a variety of formats from 4x5 and 35mm and from film to digital on my adventures. The thing that has not changed is my love for the craft nor my anticipation as I wait for the photograph to appear before me.

In 2000, I emigrated to New Zealand and lived in the South Island with my young family. My love of the outdoors and my desire to capture it grew further. New Zealand is blessed with great natural beauty, its' landscape changes with every bend and fork in the road.

We recently spent a year in back in the UK and traveling through Europe and have now settled on the Sunshine Coast in South-East, Queensland, Australia. It is a different landscape again, with golden beaches on the coast and bush and rainforest in the hinterland. It will provide me with some very different challenges photographically.

You only improve your photography by "getting out and doing it" it doesn't matter how many books you read, how many workshops you attend, it's time in the field that counts.

I will continue to search for that elusive "one in a million" photograph when my trigger finger and the elements align to produce that one defining moment. Let me know if you think I'm getting close!