One of the biggest challenges in landscape photography is turning up

Roys Peak, Wanaka, New Zealand.

Image courtesy of Neil Smith @chocolatedogphotography.


It seems odd to talk about a love of travel in these troubled times. With most countries around the world locked-down to external visitors, prospects for the life of a travel photographer seem grim. The opportunity is to explore the beauty that exists on your own doorstep. I am fortunate enough to live in Australia and this vast country has so much to offer the travel photographer.

The images represented here are a selection of my travels and adventures in various countries to date and I am hoping to add to these as I discover more of Australia in the next couple of years.

The passport may have to go back in the drawer for a while but I hope to continue to be able to document my travels capturing the essence of this magnificent country.

You are welcome to join me on my journey and I hope you will contribute your own thoughts and ideas along the way..

Unless credited, all images are by Kevin Russell Photography.

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